Prayer Requests

19th century depiction of St Sulpice where Montfort had earlier studied for the priesthood

Please feel free to email your prayer requests. You can do so by way of the Contact page. Your prayer requests will be posted here below, so that those who visit the site can see them and thus include them within their own particular prayers as well. If you wish your prayer request to be private/anonymous, just simply mention that within the email and it will be classified as so.

Also, if you like to join the Saintland Prayer Support Members, whose mission is to pray for the intentions and individuals listed below, you are welcome to send an email to let me know.

Prayer Requests:
-Private Special Intention
-For A Family Member
-Priestly Special Intention
-For My Relationship With My Son
-Private Special Intention
-For Fr. C’s Health
-Prayer For Healing Of A Friendship
-For A Speedy Recovery From An Operation
-For The Reunion Of A Husband And Wife/To Save/Strengthen A Marriage
-For A Friend Who Had An Operation, A Speedy Recovery
-For A Friend Who Has Need Of An Operation
-For My Son Stephen

For Those Deceased:
-Madeline M
-Larry L
-Phil P
-“Big” Dave S
-Mary R
-Dave R
-Ed B
-L Rasche
-Bette Raines
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith
-Mr. and Mrs. Shaw
-Mrs. Louy

Saintland Prayer Support Members: