Green Scapular

Green Scapular:Our Lady

Green Scapular 


 In addition to the Miraculous Medal, the Blessed Virgin Mary also chose to use St. Vincent de Paul’s Daughters of Charity to reveal another great sacramental known as the Green Scapular. The Blessed Mother Mary appeared to Sister Justine Bisqueyburu in Paris, France, on January 28, 1840.

In the fifth of a series of apparitions, Sr. Justine was given the design of a new scapular. Sr. Justine was hesitant at first, but eventually revealed the devotion to her Spiritual Director Fr. Aladel (also the director of St. Catherine Laboure of the Miraculous Medal). After some delay, the green scapulars were produced and distributed with many conversions and cures occurring.

The Green Scapular emphasized the theme of Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Bl. Pope Pius IX twice strongly recommended its promotion and use.

Promises / Benefits of the Green Scapular:

1. Conversion of those who do not have the Faith.

2. Reconciliation to the Church for those who have lost or strayed from the Faith.

3. Assurance of a happy death.

4. Strengthening of the Faith for those already in the Holy Catholic Church.

5. Protection from satan for those who wear or promote the green scapular.

Practices of the Green Scapular:

1. Wear or carry the scapular.

2. To help another, place it in their vicinity (room, under pillow, other place)

3. Pray, at least daily: “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

4. The prayer should be said for oneself and separately for each person to whom it has been given (unless they pray themselves).

5. No enrollment of any kind is necessary, but each green scapular should be blessed by a priest (general blessing of sacramentals).

6. Have confidence in the effects of the green scapular:

“The greatest graces come from using the scapular but these graces come in direct proportion to the degree of confidence in me which the user has.”

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